Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York Anime Festival - Sunday

Sunday was a relaxed day for the most part.
Woke up and packed our bags and then checked it into baggage check at the hotel.

Then took a cab to NYAF and went to fall in line for the Fairy Tail American Cast's signatures.
We were told that they had cut the line off already, but we still waited.
I was complimented on the Loke cosplay by the entire cast that Rusaku wore the previous few days.
Was also thrown under the bus about how Gray and Loke fight for being my favorite male in Fairy Tail.

Regular ol' Rusaku, being unhappy that I'm taking a picture of him.
And a few random shots of people while waiting in line.

 This guy is carrying the poster that was signed by the cast, a picture of it will be uploaded in another post.


Short video of Saturday morning!

P.S. Thank you David for the ginger joke on Friday of NYAF at the AMV showing even though I don't remember all of the words that you said.

I truly believe that Mrs. Weasley sold her soul to Voldemort to have a daughter thus causing everyone's impending doom.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New York Anime Festival - Saturday

Well I've been catching up on life back home in MD, my mommy is coming home tomorrow from the Philippines!


Well I woke up at  4:30 am with Rusaku and crawled our way out of our hotel room to the lobby to catch a taxi that the doorman was so kind to catch for us.


The one of the few things that brightened my day while waiting in line for Mashima-sensei's signature.
NAT-ZA!  ERSU!  Natsu as Erza!  Even though his costume wasn't completed, it was awesome! >3< <3

 Rusaku found him while waiting in line and had to take a picture of him.

Mashima-sensei talking to Rusaku and complimenting him on the Loke outfit and then complimenting me for being the one to put it together.

Killed some time at the Show-floor, mainly at the Funimation booth.


Suite Precure - Rhythm and Melody!

I was hoping to see a Beat, but sadly no Beat to be seen with them. :<
We caught them by the artist alley while we(Rusaku and I) were eating our snack of hot dogs before meeting up with our friend Panda-kun, Lucy, Natsu, and Erza.



Candid shots of the Fairy Tail volunteer/cosplayers from ACP.
They were all waiting outside for their Hiro Mashima signature later in the day



Miss Fairy Tail contest!

I was running EXTREMELY LATE for the Miss Fairy Tail contest.
That was the first time I ever stripped in front of a men's public bathroom to get dressed.
Anyways, it was hilarious that I fell on purpose when walking on the stage.  It freaked out EVERYONE.

Tee hee. <3

Anyways, Rusaku got three shots of the Erza in the Fighting Festival outfit.

No one said that they were professional shots of it!


Rusaku also got three shots of Rusty Rose & Zeref.

Shots during the Fairy Tail English dub premiere.


Not entirely sure what this is, but Ryan thought it to be awesome.

Me meeting Rusaku's friend Sam and her boyfriend at the end of the night after we kept dodging one another during the con.


Videos will be posted later, currently am running behind on uploading them thanks to my internet being a turd. ^^ 


Here are my videos of Friday's Hiro Mashima & Kodansha Comics Q&A Panel!

Thank you for coming to Maid of Cake's blog! ^^

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York Anime Festival - Friday

Hey guys!

I know I'm a bit late on this, other than the fact that I couldn't move my left arm yesterday and felt like I was going to see a whole new world, but here's the stuff from New York Anime Festival!

So first things off we stayed at the Milford Plaza Hotel and they had these totally awesome elevator panels that would bring an elevator that was strictly on your floor.
Problem was the first room that we had that they assigned us to, I had a heart attack when I saw the bathroom.  Rusaku had to coax me from clinging to my bag to go back downstairs so that we could see if we could change the hotel room.  So I wouldn't feel like I was going to get attacked by roaches or some kind of undead creature.

Next!  When we finally got our lazy butts into the convention center we decided to do the Fairy Tail guild quest event!
I totally forgot to take pictures of Natsu, Lucy(with Loke), and Erza.  Primarily because I was fangirling over Juvia and Gray.

If you're up to date with the Fairy Tail anime(in Japan) - S Class Team Sex starring Gray Fullbuster and Loke!

So after that we decided to go and browse around the convention center and then headed over to the Hiro Mashima & Kodansha Comics panel.

Too bad, we realized a little late that we were at the wrong side of the convention and sprinted to the right hall only to be rejected because the room was full.
 That was until they decided to take pity on us!

So then after that Loke (Rusaku) decided to eat a little bit.

I spotted a male Mami cosplayer while I was saving a table for the two of us.

Loke got us a gyro!
We named it "Gray."

Something that made Loke and I giggle...

Speed Dating 8 AM - 10 PM - Speed Dating for 14 hours!
God those people must be sick of one another.

Saturday will be posted soon!

This was delayed because I wanted to have the upload of Hiro Mashima at the Kodansha Comics Q&A panel, buuuut YouTube has decided it has other plans.

Friday, October 7, 2011


So...  I decided since I'll be running around NYAF in a ridiculous outfit that I should get a Brazilian Wax.

Just letting those out there in the cosplay community know if you're going to do this take painkillers at least 1 hour - 30 minutes before you go in and make sure to exfoliate the area down there.  Also it would be best if you don't do anything like shave downstairs for like 3 weeks else the hair might be too small to be waxed.


Starting to get frustrated because I'm trying to contact people from NYAF and I'm not getting any response and my badges are missing still and it's been 6 days after they were /supposed/ to arrive and 3 days after the "final" day they were supposed to arrive.


I do not think I will be dancing at NYAF unless I magically find someone with a set of speakers or something.


Also, Rusaku found my other two competitors for the Fairy Tail AMV contest, but one removed their video and the other...I'm not sure what to think about their video.

Maybe another blog later, but who knows.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So much to do and so little time, but just found out something that will brighten the oncoming days as I struggle with the Katsucon Maid Cafe paperwork and not throwing sack of napkins at a guest at DnB.

Chuggaconroy is starting a new Let's Play! =D

Aside from that I'm still psyched that I'm a finalist for NYAF's Fairy Tail AMV contest.

I mean this is only my 3rd AMV ever and I'm wound up being one of five finalists. I can only imagine the entries for the contest maybe a minimum of twenty entries for the Fairy Tail AMV contest, but still to be in that lucky 0.05% to become a finalist. I'm still in shock.

Thank you to Rusaku for directing the progress of the AMV.
Thank you to Fairy Tail at Katsucon/Otakon 2012 for encouraging me to not give up on the project.
Thank you especially to those that previewed the AMV.

If you're going to NYAF/NYCC if you can please vote my video!

Hopefully I can get all of the final touches on the AMV and release it at Katsucon or Otakon!

Thank you again everyone.


I will be competing in the Miss Fairy Tail contest along side the beautiful Bree who will be Lucky Lucy!

Currently not sure if I will be either Wendy, Juvia, or Mirajane. Hoping that Wendy will get here in time, if not I will be Juvia or Mirajane.