Friday, July 6, 2012

We're Back! ...Sorta.

Hiyo!  Just putting this out there that we've all returned somewhat.  Everyone is busy doing their own thing and Otakon is just around the corner!

Most things will be updated on our facebook: Maid Of Cake's FB or on our website: le main site for Maid of Cake.

Can't wait to see everyone at Otakon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Katsucon 18 Anime Dating Game: 18+ Only (Sorry!!)

1. Show off your photos.
I totally jacked this from Otaku House.
This is kinda like their showcase, but really it is just showing you who is participating/interested in participating in the dating game.  Also, it gives you a chance to get feedback on your work and/or possible fans!

So here's the info:
Location: Live 2
Day: Saturday "night" / Sunday "morning" @ 00:00 (Midnight)
Panel: Anime Dating Game
Length: 1.5 hours

Drop us an email @ and we will upload your photos to our Facebook account. You will be able to see how popular your creations are. We will only be accepting people that will be age 18 and over for this event.

1. Send us your cosplay photo!
Each person may only submit 1 photo. 
Email 1 JPEG or PNG picture of yourself with the following details in the format listed below:

Cosplayer : (name/nick of cosplayer)
FB Name : (name of cosplayer)

Character : (Name of character)
Series : (Series name)

Comments : (comments of your costumes in less than 100 words)

Birthdate: Month and Year (Niko will be checking IDs for this at a meet up before the dating game to prevent any underage participants)
Photo credits : (if any)

2. Your photo will be uploaded onto our Facebook!

3. Interact with the other possible bachelors or bachelorettes that you maybe paired with!

The rules are simple and Kyubey-chan is watching you~<3