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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York Anime Festival - Friday

Hey guys!

I know I'm a bit late on this, other than the fact that I couldn't move my left arm yesterday and felt like I was going to see a whole new world, but here's the stuff from New York Anime Festival!

So first things off we stayed at the Milford Plaza Hotel and they had these totally awesome elevator panels that would bring an elevator that was strictly on your floor.
Problem was the first room that we had that they assigned us to, I had a heart attack when I saw the bathroom.  Rusaku had to coax me from clinging to my bag to go back downstairs so that we could see if we could change the hotel room.  So I wouldn't feel like I was going to get attacked by roaches or some kind of undead creature.

Next!  When we finally got our lazy butts into the convention center we decided to do the Fairy Tail guild quest event!
I totally forgot to take pictures of Natsu, Lucy(with Loke), and Erza.  Primarily because I was fangirling over Juvia and Gray.

If you're up to date with the Fairy Tail anime(in Japan) - S Class Team Sex starring Gray Fullbuster and Loke!

So after that we decided to go and browse around the convention center and then headed over to the Hiro Mashima & Kodansha Comics panel.

Too bad, we realized a little late that we were at the wrong side of the convention and sprinted to the right hall only to be rejected because the room was full.
 That was until they decided to take pity on us!

So then after that Loke (Rusaku) decided to eat a little bit.

I spotted a male Mami cosplayer while I was saving a table for the two of us.

Loke got us a gyro!
We named it "Gray."

Something that made Loke and I giggle...

Speed Dating 8 AM - 10 PM - Speed Dating for 14 hours!
God those people must be sick of one another.

Saturday will be posted soon!

This was delayed because I wanted to have the upload of Hiro Mashima at the Kodansha Comics Q&A panel, buuuut YouTube has decided it has other plans.

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