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Friday, October 7, 2011


So...  I decided since I'll be running around NYAF in a ridiculous outfit that I should get a Brazilian Wax.

Just letting those out there in the cosplay community know if you're going to do this take painkillers at least 1 hour - 30 minutes before you go in and make sure to exfoliate the area down there.  Also it would be best if you don't do anything like shave downstairs for like 3 weeks else the hair might be too small to be waxed.


Starting to get frustrated because I'm trying to contact people from NYAF and I'm not getting any response and my badges are missing still and it's been 6 days after they were /supposed/ to arrive and 3 days after the "final" day they were supposed to arrive.


I do not think I will be dancing at NYAF unless I magically find someone with a set of speakers or something.


Also, Rusaku found my other two competitors for the Fairy Tail AMV contest, but one removed their video and the other...I'm not sure what to think about their video.

Maybe another blog later, but who knows.

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