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Saturday, October 1, 2011


So much to do and so little time, but just found out something that will brighten the oncoming days as I struggle with the Katsucon Maid Cafe paperwork and not throwing sack of napkins at a guest at DnB.

Chuggaconroy is starting a new Let's Play! =D

Aside from that I'm still psyched that I'm a finalist for NYAF's Fairy Tail AMV contest.

I mean this is only my 3rd AMV ever and I'm wound up being one of five finalists. I can only imagine the entries for the contest maybe a minimum of twenty entries for the Fairy Tail AMV contest, but still to be in that lucky 0.05% to become a finalist. I'm still in shock.

Thank you to Rusaku for directing the progress of the AMV.
Thank you to Fairy Tail at Katsucon/Otakon 2012 for encouraging me to not give up on the project.
Thank you especially to those that previewed the AMV.

If you're going to NYAF/NYCC if you can please vote my video!

Hopefully I can get all of the final touches on the AMV and release it at Katsucon or Otakon!

Thank you again everyone.


I will be competing in the Miss Fairy Tail contest along side the beautiful Bree who will be Lucky Lucy!

Currently not sure if I will be either Wendy, Juvia, or Mirajane. Hoping that Wendy will get here in time, if not I will be Juvia or Mirajane.

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