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Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York Anime Festival - Sunday

Sunday was a relaxed day for the most part.
Woke up and packed our bags and then checked it into baggage check at the hotel.

Then took a cab to NYAF and went to fall in line for the Fairy Tail American Cast's signatures.
We were told that they had cut the line off already, but we still waited.
I was complimented on the Loke cosplay by the entire cast that Rusaku wore the previous few days.
Was also thrown under the bus about how Gray and Loke fight for being my favorite male in Fairy Tail.

Regular ol' Rusaku, being unhappy that I'm taking a picture of him.
And a few random shots of people while waiting in line.

 This guy is carrying the poster that was signed by the cast, a picture of it will be uploaded in another post.


Short video of Saturday morning!

P.S. Thank you David for the ginger joke on Friday of NYAF at the AMV showing even though I don't remember all of the words that you said.

I truly believe that Mrs. Weasley sold her soul to Voldemort to have a daughter thus causing everyone's impending doom.

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