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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New York Anime Festival - Saturday

Well I've been catching up on life back home in MD, my mommy is coming home tomorrow from the Philippines!


Well I woke up at  4:30 am with Rusaku and crawled our way out of our hotel room to the lobby to catch a taxi that the doorman was so kind to catch for us.


The one of the few things that brightened my day while waiting in line for Mashima-sensei's signature.
NAT-ZA!  ERSU!  Natsu as Erza!  Even though his costume wasn't completed, it was awesome! >3< <3

 Rusaku found him while waiting in line and had to take a picture of him.

Mashima-sensei talking to Rusaku and complimenting him on the Loke outfit and then complimenting me for being the one to put it together.

Killed some time at the Show-floor, mainly at the Funimation booth.


Suite Precure - Rhythm and Melody!

I was hoping to see a Beat, but sadly no Beat to be seen with them. :<
We caught them by the artist alley while we(Rusaku and I) were eating our snack of hot dogs before meeting up with our friend Panda-kun, Lucy, Natsu, and Erza.



Candid shots of the Fairy Tail volunteer/cosplayers from ACP.
They were all waiting outside for their Hiro Mashima signature later in the day



Miss Fairy Tail contest!

I was running EXTREMELY LATE for the Miss Fairy Tail contest.
That was the first time I ever stripped in front of a men's public bathroom to get dressed.
Anyways, it was hilarious that I fell on purpose when walking on the stage.  It freaked out EVERYONE.

Tee hee. <3

Anyways, Rusaku got three shots of the Erza in the Fighting Festival outfit.

No one said that they were professional shots of it!


Rusaku also got three shots of Rusty Rose & Zeref.

Shots during the Fairy Tail English dub premiere.


Not entirely sure what this is, but Ryan thought it to be awesome.

Me meeting Rusaku's friend Sam and her boyfriend at the end of the night after we kept dodging one another during the con.


Videos will be posted later, currently am running behind on uploading them thanks to my internet being a turd. ^^ 


Here are my videos of Friday's Hiro Mashima & Kodansha Comics Q&A Panel!

Thank you for coming to Maid of Cake's blog! ^^

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